Background Music for SPA Massage Meditation Hypnosis

Background Music for SPA Massage

Background Music for SPA Massage Meditation Hypnosis. 60 Minutes Sound of Nature .The word SPA comes from the Latin prefix of “Solus Par Agula” (Health by water): Solus (health), Par (in), Agula (water), which means to use water to achieve health. SPA is like a ceremony for physical and mental relaxation in the new century. Under the hypnosis of music, massage, meditation and fragrance, the body is purified and baptized in a carefully designed process to reach a state of relaxation.

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Australian Burlesque show Tour in China Clubs

burlesque show in China

Burlesque is the term for a niche but popular type of dance performance that often combines physical comedy, popular culture and a sexy striptease in equal parts to get audiences laughing. Burlesque performing in various clubs, theatres and were popular during the 1860s to the 1940s, often featured bawdy comedy and female striptease. All That Jazz was one Hollywood film in 1979, recreating burlesque-style scenes.

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How open is the Chinese DJing market for foreigners?

DJ working in China

Most Chinese musical clubs are open to foreign DJ. Some DJ travelled to China a couple of times on business from six to twelve months. There are some opportunities to play at the night clubs in many cities of China, such as, Shanghai, Beijing, ShenZhen, Guangzhou, XiaMen, XiAn, etc. The DJ music styles varies from a electro to progressive house mainly focused on the mainstream market.

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MJ Impersonation Show China Tour

MJ impersonator

MJ Impersonation Show China Tour Documentary
China Tour of Estefan Jackson
Estefan Jackson is an impersonator of the king of pop Michael Jackson in Mexico. Estefan Jackson is a professional dance choreographer and performer with over 18 years of experience who has gained in acclaim for his unique, impersonation show, Michael Jackson who honored the legacy of the King of Pop.

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