Rhythm City Dancing Crew Working with Bravishow

rhythm city dancing crew

Rhythm city dancing crew working with bravishow. Rhythm City originating from the Bronx, New York, Rhythm City captures the essence of Hip-
Hop in rare form. In a world where style and music are constantly changing Rhythm City’s choreography remains innovative and unique, resulting in a group of individuals who express dance a style of their own. The dancers express themselves through different styles such as contemporary, krumping, voguing, popping, and more.

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How open is the Chinese DJing market for foreigners?

DJ working in China

Most Chinese musical clubs are open to foreign DJ. Some DJ travelled to China a couple of times on business from six to twelve months. There are some opportunities to play at the night clubs in many cities of China, such as, Shanghai, Beijing, ShenZhen, Guangzhou, XiaMen, XiAn, etc. The DJ music styles varies from a electro to progressive house mainly focused on the mainstream market.

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