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Rhythm City Dancing Crew

Performance in China by Agency BraviShow.com

Rhythm City originating from the Bronx, New York, Rhythm City captures the essence of Hip-Hop in rare form. In a world where style and music are constantly changing Rhythm City’s choreography remains innovative and unique, resulting in a group of individuals who express dance a style of their own. The dancers express themselves through different styles such as contemporary, krumping, voguing, popping, and more. They have traveled and competed nationally, internationally, and locally. Also have made several television appearances. Rhythm City goes into all aspects the industry offering services as a booking agent and talent agency. Rhythm City has worked with Usher, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Russian Superstar Sasha, Lil Mama, Wyclef Jean, Yeyo, Notch, Mariah Carey, and Dominique. We have worked with and made the following televised network appearances on; Fuse TV, BET, MTV, MTV Tres, NBC, ABC, Nickelodeon, and ESPN. Rhythm City has competed, showcased, or performed all over the U.S, Canada, and Switzerland. We have worked with the following companies in major national campaign. Comcast, Hess Truck, Lucile Roberts, Nair, Converse & Nike Commercial Shoots, AOL Commercial (America Online) web shoot, and Sprite.

Rhythm City Dancing Crew Profiles New York

Rhythm City Dancing Crew

Alonzo Williams and Dominique Rosario Introduction

Alonzo “Zo” Williams
Alonzo Williams aka Zo is the CEO/Founder of Rhythm City, having only started dancing 7 years ago, Alonzo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to dance and creating memorable moments. Alonzo trained himself with inspiration from artist such as Michael Jackson, Usher, and Omarion. He created Rhythm City 4 years ago and has made the company and its dancers a house hold name. As a single performer Alonzo has danced back up for artist such as Wyclef Jean, Latin Grammy Winners Aventura, and Lil Mama. As a choreographer, his style has put him in a new category when it comes to entertainment and competing. Alonzo has choreographed for many artist such as Russian Superstar Sasha, Upcoming artist Dominique Rosario, New Jersey Nets Half Time Show. Alonzo has worked along side choreographers such as Napolean and Tabitha, Luam Keflegzy, Kelly Peters, Sky Hoffman, Jesse Santos, and Rhapsody. Alonzo has also choreographer for 106&Park, and the Michael Jackson memorial
tribute at the world famous Apollo theater, and more recently competed in Mtv’s America’s Best dance Crew. Alonzo is a Artist/Producer/Manager and prides himself in making Rhythm City a “One Stop Shop” for all investors.

Dominique “Domo” Rosario
Dominique Rosario a.k.a DOMO represented the Bronx, New York as one of seven on Mtv’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Born and raised in the Bronx Dominique has been singing and dancing since the age of three. Dominique has adventured on various solo projects as well such as: NAIR Commercial, NBA Commercial, Yeyo FT Notch “PLEASE DJ” video, Chrisette Michelle Music video “Fragile”, BET’s 106 & Park performing her single “Get it Started”, Lucille Roberts Commercial, Nike spread, at the Apollo, and the list goes on…Dominique is also an R&B/POP artist. Domo is set to take the world on by storm! With vocal influences like: Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson and performance swag like Usher, Janet Jackson, and Britney Spears. She’s going to take over the World!

Rhythm City Dancing Crew

Dion | Sasha | Cochise | Ashley

Dion “Hawleew00d” Dennis
Dion Shakeem Thomas Dennis a.k.a “Hawleewood” is from Brooklyn NY born and raised. Dion is one of 3 choreographers of Rhythm City. Dion is a dancer for BLOC agency and was one of seven to compete on America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. His training comes strictly from Alonzo Williams himself. Dion has worked as a back up dancer for artist Dominique and danced in her debut music video “Enough”. Dion is currently dancing back up for Russian Superstar Sasha.

Cochise “Phramez” Quinones
Cochise Quinones Jr. aka Cj or Phramez as we like to call him was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Cochise is one of 3 choreographers of Rhythm City. His training comes strictly from Alonzo Williams. Phramez has been featured on campaigns for Aol.com and Mtv.com. Phramez has worked with Lil Mama, Japanese artist Sho, and new artist Tanza. Cochise is one of seven that competed on Mtv’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Phramez is currently a back up dancer for artist Dominique, and has started his own line of sunglasses called PhrameZ.

Sasha Herrera
Sasha Herrera was born in New York and raised in West New York, NJ. She has been dancing since the age of 3. She was technically trained at J & L Dance Center, Broadway Dance Center, and Alvin Ailey. Sasha was trained in numerous styles such as tap, jazz, ballet, flamenco, modern, and lyrical. She has won numerous competitions spanning throughout NY, NJ, and PA. She has also appeared on TV several times, on stations such as MTV 3, Telemundo, New Jersey Network, and Channel 41 Univision. Her biggest achievement was appearing on Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 Appearing on the Live auditions as one of the members of the Sultry Latina’s Crew “Shhh.” Since the show, she has been working hard as a Dancer/Choreographer/Instructor. She spends many
of her days choreographing and instructing at J & L Dance Center as 1 of the principal teachers. In the midst of gathering more from dance, Sasha and her Crew linked up with Alonzo Williams and Rhythm City. Digently working alongside with Rhythm City has brought her dance career at a full circle.

Ashley Powell
Ashley Powell born in North Tarrytown but raised in the Bronx, Ashley has been dancing since the age of 5 training in all styles of dance which consists of African, ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop. She currently trains at Broadway Dance Center working with choreographers such as Luam Keflegzy, Kelly Peters, and Debbie Wilson. Ashley is now currently dancing with BLOC Agency and is apart of Rhythm City Inc. She has competed in local and national competitions, and she was one of seven that competed on America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. Ashley also performed on BET’s 106 & Park behind artist Dominique. She aspires to someday follow the footsteps of Choreographer Alonzo “ZO” Williams.

Rhythm City Dancing Crew

Biance | Carmelo | Danna | Denzel

Bianca Rodriguez
Bianca was born in New Jersey, and ever since she was a little girl all she did was dance. She trained all over the East Coast in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. Bianca was a member of the all girl group Shhh! that was on Mtv’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 2. Since then Bianca has performed on Mtv Tres, and danced in the debut music video of NJ5ive’s “Dem Haterz.” She has also done performances for Hot 97, Tennis Championships, and colleges all over the U.S. She is now a full time student/ dance instructor teaching Hip-Hop beginners and advanced classes.

Carmelo “Melo” Cruz
Carmelo Cruz, born in Bronx, New York but raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, started his training as a Modern dancer in Berks Ballet. Carmelo has in many musical productions such as High School Musical, Big: The Musical, and an ensemble member in the off Broadway production of The Lion King in Reading, Pennsylvania. Carmelo was casted as an extra for artist Dominique’s debut music video “Enough,” and is Currently a back up dancer for Russian Superstar Sasha.

Danna Crooke
Danna Crooke has been dancing for 15 years. She has been technically trained in Ballet, Jazz, pointe, and Hip-Hop. She was on Mtv’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 as a dancer in the all girl group Shhh! Since then she has appeared on “Dances form the Hood” with choreographer Tweetie. She has also competed in many local and regional competitions winning Gold, Silver and Platinum in most of her categories. She is now a dance instructor in North Bergen, NJ.

Denzel “Chizz” Chisolm
Denzel Chisolm, also known as the “heart throb” of the bunch. Calls himself “Chiiz YO.” Denzel is the youngest of the group. He has trained at Broadway Dance Center working with choreographers such as Luam Keflegzy and Lejon. A lot of his training come from Alonzo Williams. He was one of seven to compete on Mtv’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Denzel has appeared in commercials for Sprite and Aol.com. Also, he has worked with new artist Tanza. Denzel was the main love interest in artist Dominique debut music video “Enough.” Denzel is currently a back up dancer for Dominique.

Rhythm City Dancing Crew

Kenny | Stephanie | Steven | Veronica

Kenny “B-Boy Special Ed” Bermudez
Kenny Bermudez, raised in Harlem, New York, started his training with Alonzo Williams at the young age of 16. For the past four years Kenny has been a dancer for Rhythm City. Through his training in gymnastics and break dancing, Kenny has earned his nick name “Special Ed” because of his insane stunts and acrobatics. Kenny has been featured in campaigns for Converse and Aol. Kenny was a dancer in Lil Mama’s “Lipgloss” music video. Kenny also competed on Mtv’s America’s Best Dance Crew as one of seven for Rhythm City.

Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez has been dancing and competing since she was a young girl. Besides being a dancer she was a nationally ranked gymnast and trained in the U.S. Gymnastics Development Center I. She has also danced in The Nutcracker and in the Broadway recreation of Grease. Stephanie was the lead female in the video for NJ5ive’s “Dem Haterz.” She trained at the Maywood Dance Center and at Broadway Dance Center in New York. She is now a dance/gymnastics instructor for inner city youth in New Jersey.

Steven “Wyze” Del Valle
Steven Del Valle aka “Wyze” is to the truest form a B-Boy. Dancing since the age of 12 Wyze trained himself to become a B-Boy. Having formal dance training in Salsa, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop Wyze established his own dance company in 2009. (L.I.T.M) Before creating his Steven worked on videos for Styla J’s debut music video “El Meneo”. Wyze has also competed in many competitions taking home the gold and platinum in Hip-Hop and Salsa.

Veronica Torres
Veronica Torres has been dancing since the age of 4. She began training in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. She grew to love Hip-Hop as a teenager and pursued that as her career. Veronica was a member of the all girl group Shhh! on Mtv’s America’s best Dance Crew Season 2. Also with Shhh! performed on Mtv Tres on Mi TRL. She has done a number of concerts for artists such as Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, and Leah Fairchild. She has won a number of gold and platinum medals in many DEA Competitions. She is currently a Dance Teacher at Oneida’s Dance Studio in North Bergen NJ.

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