30 Minutes Zumba Dance Workout Full Video

Questions and answers for Zumba dance workout . How do I become a Zumba instructor? What are the differences between Livestream, In Person and On Demand Basic 1 Instructor Trainings? How long does a Zumba instructor training take? How long is my Zumba instructor license good for?
Where can I teach Zumba classes?
What is the Zumba Basic 1 Instructor Training?
Please go to the Zumba official website to learn more:

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How to start your Zumba instructor training? How to become a Zumba instructor?

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ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR TRAINING tutorial for both amateur and instructor .If you like to do something you like and practice yourself at home, here is ZUMBA 45 minutes full video tutorial for you to start to learn. 4 Basic Rhythms Review. The Zumba Basic 1 Instructor Digital Manual. Zumba Basic 1 Certificate of Completion. Fitness Certification Credits for Instructor Trainings (varies by country). 6 months license to teach basic Zumba classes

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