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Waacking Dance Tutorials

Intro of Waacking Dance

Waacking was formed in the 1970s. It is a dance that originated from the gay bars of the black and Latin Americans in the west coast of the United States. It is an expression of stress relief, mentally and physically against the mainstream society. There used disco and funk music with a lot of arms swinging poses and moves. The Waacking dance is usually performed by male dancers disguised as women. It is characterized by the rapid swinging and rotating of upper limbs. In Waacking, a large number of model catwalks and pose elements are added to the dance style. Waacking is a freestyle dance similar to Popping, Locking, but not a branch or element of jazz dance.

Tyrone Proctor is the founder of Waacking dance. He was a master dancer, choreographer, pioneer of modern hip-hop culture. In the early 1980s, Tyrone came to New York to seek his fortune. He performed with dancers such as Willie Ninja in Breed of Motion Music Company. In Paris in 1987, Tyrone performed as Jodi Watley’s “Keep Shaking” . Tyrone choreographed for Taylor Dane, Levert, Keith Sweat, Johnny Kemp and other pop stars, and he was nominated for “Best Choreography” at the 1989 MTV Awards. Tyrone has trained many outstanding waacker students all over the world: Archie Burnett, Aus Ninja, Black Kat, Princess Lockeroo, Yasco, Miki, Eva Schou, Kumari Suraj. From 2007 to 2010, Tyrone was the guest star at the International House Competition. Tyrone put all his energy and effort into waacking.

Waacking Dance Tutorials

Shanghai CASTER dance studio

The teacher in the video tutorial is from Shanghai CASTER dance studio. Since CASTER started in 2005, it has been promoting hip-pop dance training for over fifteen years. By 2020, CASTER has opened 15 dance classrooms in four major cities across China, teach adult and children hip-hop courses. The courses cover all styles of original hip-hop dance, opening to both adults and children.

For more than ten years, CASTER has been committed to cultivating Chinese hip-hop dancer and teams. CASTER dance studio aims to promote the modern dance, and monetize from the culture events and commercial shows. CASTER has started a world-class hip-hop competition event- BATTLE IN SHANGHAI. Shanghai CASTER dance studio has organized adults and children dancers at both domestic and international performances.

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